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The Quiet Earth (1985)  720p Blu-ray x264 AC3-CMEGroup
The Quiet Earth (1985) 720p Blu-ray x264 AC3-CMEGroup
MKV 1280x688 (16:9), 25,000 fps, x264 ~ 5539 avg | 48 kHz, AC3, 6 ch, ~ 448.00 kbps | 01:27:15 | 3.84 GB + 5%
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Aman wakes up to find himself literally alone in the world, and goesabout trying to find other survivors, as well as to find out whathappened.

He suspects that a government research project he wasinvolved in had something to do with the disappearance of everyone.Eventually he finds several other people, and once they begin to trusteach other they try to figure out why they were left on earth.

The Foundry Nuke 5.2v3 + All plugins (x32/x64)
The Foundry Nuke 5.2v3 + All plugins (x32/x64) | 658 Mb

The Foundry Nuke - program for creating special effects in film and video. The program used to create special effects in many movies, including King Kong and the day after tomorrow, as well as in hundreds of commercials and music videos. The program used for editing videos and stage images (sikventsy). It is used in processing, the imposition of effects, final assembly, etc. filmed video, film material, to create commercials, as well as for other tasks.

KoolMoves v8.4

KoolMoves v8.4
9.5 MB

1CLICK DVD Converter

1CLICK DVD Converter | 13.0 MB

1CLICK DVD Converter converts DVD movies and episodes quickly and easily to video files for: iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Archos, Creative Labs Zen, Generic DivX, Microsoft Zune (MPEG-4) and Sony PSP. CPRx error correction technology ensures the highest level of success when converting the latest generation of DVDs. You can convert all your favorite DVDs with just one click. Unlike other software with complex settings and multiple steps, 1CLICK DVD Converter is easy to use. Movie and episode detection is automatic and doesn't require you to preview or try and guess which files to include. Just click the Start button and return to find your DVD converted.

Denise Austine - Body makeover mix
Denise Austine - Body makeover mix
English | H264 464 kbps | 720 x480 29.970 fps | AC3 192 Kbps | 212 MB
Genre: Video Training

Three well-structured programs aimed at building and strengthening the muscles of your body. All three training is an effective blend of carefully selected exercises from classical exercises, Pilates exercises and styles of ballet and quickly strengthen your upper body, shape thighs and buttocks and tighten your tummy.

Dead Island (2011/ENG/NETSHOW)

Dead Island (2011/ENG/NETSHOW)
Year: 2011 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: Techland (Poland) l Publisher: Deep Silver l 6.61 GB
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 1rd Person

The island of Banoi is a lush, tropical paradise in the South Pacific where its flagship Royal Palms Resort serves as the ultimate getaway for vacationers with money to burn. However, all good things must soon come to an end and the picturesque resort falls into madness, carnage and chaos after a mysterious and contagious zombie outbreak claims its once peaceful atmosphere. Cut off from the rest of the world, only four individuals who strangely find themselves immune to zombification have the power to protect the remaining survivors from the horrors of the island, to discover whats really going on and find a way to escape before their own fatal ends.

Ashampoo Core Tuner 1.21 Portable

Use all the processor power you paid for! Almost all modern computers have at least two processors, which are generally referred to as cores. Some even have four. Unfortunately, Windows often doesnt manage your multiple cores very well, so youre not actually getting the full multi-processor power you paid for. Ashampoo Core Tuner enables you to use the full power of all your cores. For instant results you just need to select Auto-Optimize to optimize all the programs you are running or Boost to give more power to a single program.

DVD X Player Pro 5.5.1 Portable

DVD X Player - the first region free/code free DVD player & DVD Recorder software in the world. DVD X Player has no region lock protection, allowing you to view ALL movies from ALL regions, 1 thru 6. DVD X Player now supports Windows Vista. DVD X Player is a powerful and easy to use DVD player integrating all functions of a standard DVD player. It can provide superior video and audio (Dolby&DTS) quality, together with other enhanced functions: e.g. record DVD to Movie files, optional skins, playback image and DV, image capture and bookmark, etc. Furthermore, it supports DIVX, MPEG4, RM, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, MacroMedia Flash and popular media formats of Internet.
Up and Running with Lightroom 5
Duration: 3h 43m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 960x540 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has become a popular program for photographers of all experience levels. In this course, photographer and teacher Jan Kabili provides an approachable introduction to all its capabilities. The course begins with a look at how to import photos from a camera and from a hard drive, describing how the Lightroom catalog works along the way.
Then you'll learn key ways to manage your photos in Lightroom, from reviewing photos after a shoot to working with Smart Previews when your photos are offline. This part of the course covers making collections, adding keywords, and much more.
Next, the course introduces the Lightroom Develop module and its features for improving a photo's appearance, including adjusting tone and color, cropping and fixing perspective, converting to black and white, reducing noise, and sharpening. It explores how to make local adjustments with the Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter, Graduated Filter, and Spot Removal tools. The course ends with a look at the most commonly used Lightroom features for sharing photos: exporting, printing, and sharing online.

iStockVideo Collection 01

HD 1280x720 | HD 1920x1080 | .Mov| 630 MB

Simulate a Realistic Sniper Scope Perspective AETuts+

Simulate a Realistic Sniper Scope Perspective AETuts+
Program: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator | Difficulty: Beginner | 226.35 MB
Estimated Completion Time: 30m
Genre: Video Training

I will outline the assets that I provide in Photoshop and the principles of accomplishing the intended outcome. In After Effects I ll make use of pre-compositions, motion tracking and some easy expressions. For clarity s purpose I ll get into details about optical phenomena when necessary.

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3228 Multilanguage

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.9.3228 Multilanguage | 10.16 Mb

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way
PC game | Publisher:Sierra | 491 MB
Genre:Modern First-Person Shooter

The anticipated sequel to the original game, No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way is a humorous story-driven first person shooter featuring deadly UNITY operative Cate Archer. As Cate you must investigate a super-secret Soviet project that, if successful, could bring about a third world war. Armed with conventional and experimental weaponary and gadgets, you'll explore exotic locales, and contend with deadly agents determined to take Cate out of the spy trade once and for all.

No More Gentlemen (2010/PC/ENG)
No More Gentlemen (2010/PC/ENG)
Language: English | 2010 | PC Game | 351Mb
Genre: Action

No More Gentlemen - a shooter with elements of survival horror, with lots of enemies and traps. The game was developed by students from the Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand). The game has a lot of zombies and various types of weapons, traps. Fight zombies by yourself or with friends in cooperative mode.

VA - Union 100 Club hits (2010)
VA - Union 100 Club hits (2010)
Genre: Dance, Club | Release: 2010 | 1CD | MP3 | 256 kbps | 835 MB

Delta Force Extreme 2 (2009)
Delta Force Extreme 2 RePack (2009-ENG)
PC Game | Action (Shooter) / 3D | ENG | 743 Mb

Machine Shop Compilation LS

Machine Shop Compilation LS
Machine Shop Compilation
AVC1 | English | 714x480 | MKV | 29.97 fps 916 kbps | MP3 128 kbps | 9.1 GB
Genre: eLearning

The Social Man - Say Hello
The Social Man - Say Hello
English | 600x400 | VP6F | 29.97fps 409kbps | Mp3 80kbps | 599MB

Whats the fastest way to get really good with women, short of working with us live? It was this question that led us to create our unique set of study-at-home products.

Netralia VodBurner

Netralia VodBurner | 18 MB

Record Skype Video Calls and Edit for Free with Vodburner.

Dxtory 2.0.120

Dxtory 2.0.120
3 MB

Published by:quoc0977

The Wronged Man (2010) DVDRip XviD-WOC

The Wronged Man (2010) DVDRip XviD-WOC
Language: English
01:24:34 | 512 x 288 | XviD 1168 Kbps | 29.97 fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 792 MB
Genre: Biography | Drama

Digital Jucie TV - Tech Know

Digital Jucie TV - Tech Know
Language: English | ISO | 720 x 480 | VOB | 29.97fps | AC3 - 192Kbps | 10.9 GB
Genre: eLearning

What is it? How does it work? What should I know? These questions are technical expert D. Eric Franks is responsible in each issue of TechKnow. Eric gets into the matter and can explain in simple terms complex things relating to standards, settings and technical solutions. Whether you are interested an explanation of alpha channel, or technology, chromakey, TechKnow shed light on the technologies that help you implement your creativity

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.137

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.137 | 6.5 Mb

The new version of Weather Watcher Live - a unique design, which is a portable Windows-meteorological station, operating in real time. The program performs the basic meteofunktsii, such as the weather forecast for the nearest hour, week, month. There is also a siren to warn you about coming weather changes ...

Halo: Dilogy (2007/PC/ENG/RUS/RePack by OneTwo)
Halo: Dilogy (2007/PC/ENG/RUS/RePack by OneTwo)
Year: 2003-2007 | PC Game | Developer:Bungie Studios | Publisher:Microsoft Game Studios | 4.37 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Halo: Combat Evolved
Thegames plot tells the story of the war people (Cosmic Forces of theUnited Nations) and covenants (or union of several alien races.) Peoplehard, struggling, fighting, but still losing out on all fronts. The lastbest hope may be a project Spartan-II (SPARTAN-II) - superhumans thatare designed to destroy the covenant. All the scientific strength ofthis project is based on the planet Reach. But covenants are Rich anddestroy the planet, along with new Spartans. Can be saved only one ship -Pillar Of Autumn (the Pillar of Autumn), in this ship transportedthe last surviving Spartan - Master Chief (John 117). He was takenmilitary at the age of 6 years, and his parents left the clone.

Metal Fatigue [PC/Eng/2000]

Metal Fatigue [PC/Eng/2000]
Platform: PC | Publisher: TalonSoft | Developer: Zono Inc. | Release Date: Jul - 2000 | Type: Rar | Size: 458 Mb
Lang: Eng | ESRB: TEEN | ESRB Descriptors: Animated Violence
Genre: Strategy

Metal Fatigue is a real-time strategy game that follows the story of three brothers caught up on opposite sides of a war over the riches of long dead alien civilization. Set in a fully 3D world with multiple camera angles, Metal Fatigue stands apart from the genre with its numerous innovations: giant, re-configurable Combots ; 3-Level Play, artificial intelligence from award-winning game designer, Mark Baldwin; and a pre-build phase that gives the player a enough time to establish their base before being attacked. In Metal Fatigue, players will manage their units and resources across three levels of play simultaneously. In addition to the planet surface , action takes place in underground catacombs and caves, and on orbiting asteroids. A unique map feature allows the player to see all 3 levels at once.