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Search Avanquest system suite 11

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AVS Video Editor (ML) (2010)

AVS Video Editor (ML) (2010) | 163 MB

Racing Simulation 3 - mp

Racing Simulation 3 - mp
Racing Simulation 3
PC game | Published: Ubi Soft | Genre: Racing | 315 MB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate V10.0.30319.1 RTM

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate V10.0.30319.1 RTM | 2.28GB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools for teams to ensure quality results, from design to deployment. Whether you're creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you bring your vision to life targeting an increasing number of platforms and technologies—including cloud and parallel computing

VA - Horny House Club Vol.3 (2011)

VA - Horny House Club Vol.3 (2011)
Genre: House, Club | 26 Track | Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 248.1 MB

Router Commander 1.1.60
Router Commander 1.1.60 | 6.82 MB

Is your Internet Slow or Unstable Through Router? Do you need more port forwarding rules and want to map ports automatically? Do you suspect that somebody has rogue access to your router via the wireless? Router Commander can help you.

FeedDemon Pre-Release
FeedDemon Pre-Release | 3.71 MB

Simplify the way you read the web! FeedDemon enables you to quickly explore the world of RSS from your desktop without having to visit hundreds of sites. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite, FeedDemon makes RSS as easy to access as your email.

PosterGenius -QN

PosterGenius -QN
PosterGenius | 312.62 Mb

VA – Classical Favourites (1994)
VA – Classical Favourites (1994)
Genre: Classical | 3CD | MP3 VBR 203 kbps | 375 MB

Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2011 Beta

Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2011 Beta | 89 MB + 103 MB

Norton AntiVirus 2010 will be the fastest and lightest malware scanner Symantec has ever delivered. The Norton AntiVirus application scans faster and uses less memory than any other antivirus product on the market. Unlike free solutions from Microsoft, Norton AntiVirus includes intrusion detection to detect malicious code hidden in web sites before it can strike.

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Boot
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Boot | 4.95 GB

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks - the next version of the operating system for PCs from Apple. Hackintosh - it does not build , is any computer that is not produced by Apple, running OS X. The system can be "native shoplifting " (Retail), tied to a line of computers ( disc included with the computer ) , the modified assembly or image of the installed systems with appropriate modifications . Indeed it does not change , all of the iron , which is not produced Apple - " Hackintosh " . Better, worse , same - not essential.

Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1
Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 | 5.01 GB

Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 software is an integrated toolbox for creating eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. Get the best tools for application simulation, product demos, digital imaging, rich animations, and audio production. Accelerate development with rapid prototyping, roundtripping workflows, and out-of-the-box assets like actors and smart interactions. Publish to SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs and easily track SWF, PDF, and HTML5 content.

Might & Magic - Heroes VI  (2011/ENG/P2P-Cracked)

Might & Magic - Heroes VI (2011/ENG/P2P-Cracked)
Year: 2011 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: Blackhole l Publisher: Ubisoft l 4.71 GB
Genre: Strategy (Turn-Based) / 3D

The adventure in Heroes VI, starting 400 years before events in Heroes V, catapults a family of heroes into a fast-paced epic story where Angels plot to end -- once and for all -- an unfinished war with their ancient rivals, the Faceless. A legendary Archangel General is resurrected, but with his powers crippled. Plagued by horrible memories of the Elder Wars, he plots to recover his powers and take control of Ashan while destroying both Faceless and Demons in a series of carefully orchestrated attacks and betrayals. He underestimates, however, the power of the all-too-human Griffin dynasty. The destiny of these Griffin heroes will be determined by our players.

Just Cause 2 (2010/RUS/ENG/PC)

Just Cause 2 | PC | 4Gb

Reckless and desperate loner hero is back once again to shake the rotten corrupt regime! After the brilliant work done by pointing a "democratic" about a real macho Rico Rodriguez decided to break away from the full program. Tequila, beaches, babes in bikini - what more should be tired, but quite a hero?

Trillian Astra Pro Beta

Trillian Astra Pro Beta | 12,64 Mb

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro v3.3.5.2

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro v3.3.5.2 | 2.5 Mb

Hinterland: A New Kingdom Multi4 (Full-Rip)
Hinterland: A New Kingdom | Pc | Multi4 | Genre: Real-Time Strategy | 145 Mb

In the fantasy world of Hinterland - A new kingdom the player faces the challenge of building and developing his village and hiring and feeding new workers, farmers and soldiers - in short, he is in charge of all aspects of running a prospering settlement. But that�s not all: he also needs to assemble a party of heroes to face a variety of monsters, orcs, villains and other enemies threatening his village. Vanquishing these enemies in classical RPG style battles offers rewards like gold, items and experience to develop heroes and his prospering hamlet.

The BEST PRO Collection 2010 v6.1 (AiO)

The BEST PRO Collection 2010 v6.1 (AiO) | 711MB

Year: 2010 | PC Game | Developer: Codemasters Studios Birmingham | Publisher: Codemasters | 1.75 GB
Genre: Simulator (Racing / Cars) / 3D
Immerse yourself in the charm and lifestyle of this pilot of one of the most exciting sport - Formula 1 ™! Compete with the official drivers and their teams in a highly anticipated game in 2010 by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) - FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ™. The new engine from Codemasters ?EGO Game Technology? gives you a stunning visual special effects, dynamic change of weather and completely unbelievable realistic damage model. All of this will be felt not only in a single game, but in competitions with friends on multiplayer...

Metroid Prime  3 PAL Wii-WiiERD
Metroid Prime 3 PAL Wii-WiiERD
English | Platform: Wii | Release: 23/10/2007 | Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Retro Studios Inc | 4.22 GB
Genre: First-Person Action Adventure

Utilizing the unique powers of the Nintendo Wii system, Retro Studios once again takes us to the beyond with bounty Hunter Samus Aran.

Multi  XP 1.5  (OEM/ENG)

Multi XP 1.5 (OEM/ENG) | 935 MB

Avatar: The Last Airbender [RIP Only - 110MB]

Avatar: The Last Airbender [RIP Only - 110MB]

Productor: Inferno | English | PC | 110 MB
Gerne: Adventure | Fantasy

Renault Dialogys v 3.92 01.2011

Renault Dialogys v 3.92 01.2011 | 10,4 Gb

Chrome Specforce

Chrome Specforce - 2013

Chrome Specforce-RELOADED
Game PC | 2 CD | 03/2006 | Starforce 3.6 | 1.09 GB
PC Today - May 2013
English | True PDF | 72 pages | 16.5 Mb

PC Today is a monthly publication that delivers information about your operating system. Each issue includes the latest computing news, the lowdown on current Windows Updates, hardware previews, and software reviews.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics
Language: English | Developer: Square | Genre: RPG | 214 MB