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SadDolls - Grave Party (2014)
Artist: SadDolls
Title Of Album: Grave Party
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Inverse
Genre: Gothic Metal
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 51:51
Total Size: 120 MB

VA - Ultimate R&B 2010 (2CD)
VA - Ultimate R&B 2010 (2CD)
R&B | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 2CD | 40 Tracks | 02:23:32 | 342.2 Mb
Label: Warner Uk / Zoom | Release: November 16, 2010

What's Your Number (2011) R5 CAM AUDiO XViD-U.S.M

What's Your Number (2011)
R5 | AVI | English | 1h 41 min | 720x384 | XviD - 1943 kbps | MP3 - 128 kbps | 1.38 GB
Release Date: 30 September 2011
Stars: Ari Graynor, Chris Evans and Anna Faris
Writer: Jennifer Crittenden, Gabrielle Allan
Director: Mark Mylod
Rating: 5.7/10 from 1,886 IMDb users
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Storyline: Ally is a woman who has many ex-boyfriends who turned out to be losers. Now she believes that she can't find a good guy. But when she runs into one of her exes who is now a 'Prince Charming', she decides to look up all of her exes to see if any of them have changed for the better. And when she has trouble locating them, she asks her neighbor Colin, who sleeps with women every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid talking to them, to help her.

Make Magazine - Volume 33, 2013

Make Magazine - Volume 33, 2013
English | 164 pages | PDF | 42.00 Mb

MAKE Magazine brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life. MAKE is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home. We celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. The first magazine devoted entirely to DIY technology projects, MAKE Magazine unites, inspires and informs a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages.
The first magazine devoted entirely to DIY technology projects, MAKE Magazine unites, inspires and informs a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages.

Legend of the Seeker S02E03 HDTV XviD

Legend of the Seeker S02E03 | 350 Mb

Release Date: 22 November 2009
Language: English
Run Time: 00:42:40
Video: MPEG-4 999 Kbps 624x352 pxl 23.98 fps
Audio: MP3 VBR 128 Kbps

Cara is found to be guilty of a terrible crime from the past and is sentenced to be executed by Kahlan. Richard disagrees with Cara's punishment though, and tries to save her before she meets an untimely end.

Billboard Top 100 Of 2010 - FL

Billboard Top 100 Of 2010
100 Tracks | Release: 2010 | MP3 320kbps | 44.1 Khz | Joint-Stereo | 574 MB
Genre: Pop

VA - House Vip (15.02.11)

VA - House Vip (15.02.11)-SH

VA - House Vip (15.02.11)
1 CD | Release: 2011 | MP3 320 kbps | 126 MB
Genre: Electro House

The Tournament (2009)

The Tournament (2009) | 350 MB

Pool Hall Pro  (2009/PC/RELOADED)

Pool Hall Pro (2009/PC/RELOADED)
Year: 2009 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: Icon Games l Publisher: Playlogic l 893 MB
Genre: Billiards

Riseto stardom as you take on the Pool halls toughest opponents. Select andplay a vast collection of different styles of Pool, Snooker andBilliards! Battle your way through tournaments set in exotic locations!Play your favorite game in Arcade, Tournament or Exhibition mode. Takeon a AI character or battle it out with a friend in multiplayer mode!Customize your character and unlock collectables to pimp your own crib!Do what it takes to be a Pool Hall Pro!

VA - Retro Hit 200 (2011)
Year: 2011 | Duration: 14:30:47 | Codec: MP3 | Bitrate: 320 kbps | 1.95 GB
Genre: Pop

VA - Vivaldi - Adagios (2007)

VA - Vivaldi - Adagios (2007)
Release 2007 | MP3 320 Kbps CBR | 19 tracks | 67:34 | 184 MB
Genre: Baroque, Classical | Label: Virgin Classics

The Godfathers - More Songs About Love & Hate 2011

The Godfathers - More Songs About Love & Hate 2011
Genre: Hard Rock
16 Track | Mp3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 129.01 MB

Diablo 2 + LOD v1.13c
Diablo 2 + LOD v1.13c
English | Platform: PC | Release: June 29, 2000 | Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment | Developer: Blizzard North | 1.88 GB
Genre: Hack and Slash

Brought to you by SirBlood
Experience Five Bold Character Classes - Battle Hell?s minions as the Amazon, Sorceress, Necromancer, Paladin, or Barbarian, each with unique skills and abilities.

Triple Dog 2010 DVDRip XviD

Plot: The popular girl, Eve, is having her 16th birthday slumber party when her best friend, attention hungry Chapin, arrives late and the party starts spinning out of control. Content to entertain themselves with facials and pedicures, tomboy Chapin suggests they play a game of dare called "Triple Dog." The rules are simple-everyone gets a dare and gives a dare. Fail to perform a dare, and your head is shaved. Whoever performs the best Triple Dog Dare by the end of the night wins cash and the ultimate respect from their peers. At first the dares are mostly embarrassing but soon they become more and more dangerous as Chapin challenges each girl to take greater risks, soon taking it way too far.

VA - Smash It 2011
VA - Smash It 2011
2CD | Release: 2011 | Label: Sony Music | MP3 VBR Kbps | 190 MB
Genre: Dance

VA - Disco Super Hits (10CD)
VA - Disco Super Hits (10CD)
Genre: Pop, Disco | Label: Utv Records | 10CD | MP3 192 kbps | 992 MB

VA - 100 Country Greats (5CD) (2008)

VA - 100 Country Greats (5CD) (2008)
Rock, Country | MP3 | 128 Kbps -> 213 Kbps | 301.48 Mb

Quantitative Business Valuation: A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals, 2 Ed

Quantitative Business Valuation: A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals, 2 Ed
Wiley | 2010 | ISBN: 0470390166 | 672 pages | PDF | 15 MB

X-Blades Rip l English l PC -tk

X-Blades Rip l English l PC -tk
X-Blades Rip l English l PC l Size 711MB

PerpetualBudget System 6.0.215
PerpetualBudget System 6.0.215 | 22.5 MB
PerpetualBudget is a distributed budgeting application for companies and organizations. It features Budget Builder, a graphical tool for constructing and maintaining budgets. It employs a program managed database to create all Excel workbooks and worksheets needed for the application. It also supports PerpetualBudget running in Windows to allow queries, budget data entry, maintenance and report writing. PerpetualBudget demonstrates the use of "linkless" worksheet templates for remote updating of the budget data from the User Group. The program works seamlessly in the Microsoft Office environment utilizing Excel, Outlook, Access and Windows to deliver a configurable product for any desktop environment.
Technical features and benefits:
? Flexible Budget Structure - to configure your organization
? Create your budget automatically from the GL CoA interface.
? Build worksheets on-demand using Data Block templates and system data

IP Surveillance v.3.5
IP Surveillance v.3.5 | 146 MB

NUUO PC Based NVR (IP+) is a flexible and cost-efficient solution which can manage IP/Megapixel cameras. NUUO NVR adopts open platform technology supporting as many as 53 brands of IP/Megapixel cameras with more than 1100 models.NUUO NVR comes with a slew of unique functions including NUUO intelligent video solution (IVS), event detections and intelligent playback search. Other handy tools include intuitive GUI recording schedule, E-map, video enhancement tools, and mobile (3G) support. POS and I/O device integration are nothing short of supply too. NUUO NVR is supported by our authentic NUUO Central Management System which is a true monitoring and management solution that supports unlimited number of cameras.

VA - Romantic Collection Disco (2010)

VA - Romantic Collection Disco (2010)
Genre: Disco | 15 Track | Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 109.4 MB

Softwarenetz Invoice v3.20 & Receipt Block v3.04 Multilingual

Softwarenetz Invoice v3.20 & Receipt Block v3.04 Multilingual | 8.59 MB

Bulletstorm [PC/2011/FLT]

Bulletstorm [PC/2011/FLT]
PC GAME | ISO | English | Developer: Epic Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 6.94 GB
Genre: First Person Shooter

Bulletstorm's array of distinct skillshots produces unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay. The skillshot system rewards players for laying waste to enemies in the most imaginative way possible. The more insane the skillshot, the more points players collect to upgrade and unlock weapons, which in turn allows them to execute even more inventive moves and exaggerated skillshots.

Wireless Hacking LiveCD 2010.

Wireless Hacking LiveCD 2010 | 630 MB

An edited and slightly updated version of the popular LiveCD for working with wireless networks. Based on Ubuntu, provides a graphical interfeys.Disk boot, there is a script to be installed on the PC hard drive or a virtual machine (VirtualPC is not supported). Integrated over 50 tools to work with the network - scanners, sniffers, password crackers, and so on. utility.Krome of this - a full Linuhe sustainable yadrom.Posle installed on the hard disk system can be Russified, supplemented, adjusted to taste vladeltsa.V addition to the Back Track 4 - a very powerful set of tools to work with networks in the first place - besprovodnymi.Imeetsya a decent set of drivers for many types adapterov.V inete in various models has been known since 2007, the popular view that his creation had to do with the FBI.