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Search Discrete event system simulation 5th edition.pdf

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Megaman X8 (2011/ENG/PC).

Megaman X8 (2011/ENG/PC)
Year:2011 | PC Game | English | Developer: Nobilis Software | Publisher: Nobilis Software | 1 Gb

[PC] Gangland - ENG

[PC] Gangland - ENG | 486 MB

Gangland, the long anticipated RTS from Whiptail Interactive, is finally seeing release. The game promised a huge, open-ended game universe, action-oriented RTS gameplay and the ability to control many aspects of the Mafioso universe. However, the game falls short of the mark and many flaws prevent the game from living up to its potential. The game?s take on the ?gangster game? subgenre is appreciated, although there are better offerings (as well as better RTS games). Gangland puts you in the shoes of Mario Mangano, an immigrant from Sicily on a mission of revenge. It seems that three of your brothers murdered a fourth and then fled to Paradise City to make their mark on the crime underworld. You come to Paradise City to work under your uncle Vincenzo, find and kill your murderous brothers and build up your own criminal empire. The first missions in the game are pretty standard RTS fare. In the first mission, you gain control of Mario and another henchman as you go around and collect extortion money from nearby businesses.

Madden NFL 12 PS3-CHARGED.

Madden NFL 12 PS3-CHARGED | 4.86 GB
2011-08-26 | Genre: Sports | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Tiburon | SOURCE: USA

Jetico BestCrypt 8.20.7

Jetico BestCrypt 8.20.7 | 14 Mb

Black Mirror 3 (2011/MULTI2)*

Black Mirror 3 (2011/MULTI2)
Language: Rus, Ger | PC | Developer: Cranberry Productions | Publisher: Lace Mamba Global | 3.95 GB
Genre: Adventure

VA - Take Me To Ibiza [Day Edition] (2011)

VA - Take Me To Ibiza [Day Edition] (2011)
Genre/Style: Tech House
Quality: 320 Kbps | Format: Mp3 | Info: 39 Track | Year: 2011 | Size: 619.02 MB

The Next Big Investment Boom

Mark Shipman, «The Next Big Investment Boom: Learning the Secrets of Investing from a Master and How to Profit from Commodities»
Publisher: Kogan Page; illustrated edition edition (May 28, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0749445777 | ISBN-13: 978-0749445775 | 179 Pages | PDF | 1.65 MB

In this no-nonsense book, British master analyst and self-made multi-millionaire Mark Shipman has three distinct goals: to alert the reader to the perils of handing over their hard earned cash to professional advisers; to describe specific investment strategies he has used successfully over the last 20 years and to identify a major investment opportunity that could last well over a decade and affect everyone--commodities.

ProDAD Heroglyph 2.6.31 With CreativePack,ProDAD Vitascene 1.0.45,Mercalli 1.0.19

ProDAD Heroglyph 2.6.31 With CreativePack,ProDAD Vitascene 1.0.45,Mercalli 1.0.19 + RUS | 1.07 GB

The ability of this module is quite comparable with the possibilities of any separate program.
A list of programs that "friends" proDaD Heroglyph, is impressive: proDaD developers managed to introduce its creation in Eduis, Adobe Premiere, and in Pinnacle Studio.

VueScan Pro 9.0.53 Portable
VueScan Pro 9.0.53 Portable | 6 MB

VueScan - program is designed to replace the standard scanner interface on its own, feature rich and provides a lot of additional features depending on the specific scanner model. In most cases, a standard device driver has very limited capacity to adjust the scan settings. Using the often hidden opportunities specific scanner, VueScan allows you to flexibly configure the image processing, including advanced color correction capabilities and multi batch scanning hardware adjust the exposure, the choice of the maximum color depth and format of your files. Of great interest is the function of preserving the original scanner data to a file (raw file) and the subsequent processing of this data when device is turned off, eliminating the need to rescan the originals and increases equipment life.

Magic Music Workshop

Magic Music Workshop | 12.6 MB | English

Magic Music Workshop is refined premier solution in audio production. You can not only use Magic Music Workshop to grab music from a CD, but also to record audio files, in virtually any format. It enables you to burn your improved, converted audio files to disc. Or use the advanced audio editor to create your own music and songs that you can transfer to CDs, or share it with your friends in party.

Volvo : The Game (2009/ENG/PC)

Volvo : The Game (2009/ENG/PC)
Year: 2009 | English | PC Game | Developer : SimBin Development Team | Publisher : Volvo Cars | 385 Mb
Genre : Arcade / Simulator (Racing / Cars) / 3D

Psychology, 3rd Edition

Psychology, 3rd Edition
2011 | ISBN-10: 0205832571 | PDF | 792 pages | 30 MB

Traktor Scratch Pro v2.0.3
Traktor Scratch Pro v2.0.3 | 282.49 MB

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is the premium digital vinyl system from Native Instruments allowing you to spin and manipulate your digital track collection on up to four decks with vinyl and CD control. Includes the full version of TRAKTOR PRO software. This is the premium system for pro DJs spinning digital tracks on vinyl and CD. The full feature set of the leading TRAKTOR PRO software is included, setting a new gold standard in professional digital vinyl systems. Containing super-precise control records/CDs, the high-end AUDIO 8 DJ interface, ingenious Multicore cabling and the last word in DJ software; TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO is the definitive fusion of analog and digital Djing.

Playboy - September 2010 / Slovenija

Playboy - September 2010 / Slovenija
Slovene | 138 pages | PDF | 35.00 Mb

Playboy Slovenija edition is made especially for you with the issues and items that make it the most readable mens magazine in the world with the unique beauty of Slovenija women inside.

DiRT Showdown.v 1.0u1 (2012/multi2/Repack by Fenixx)

DiRT Showdown.v 1.0u1 (2012/multi2/Repack by Fenixx)
2012 | PC | EnglisH /russian| Developer : Codemasters Racing Studio | Published by : Codemasters | 3.13GB
Genre : Racing

The famous racing festival is going on! DiRT Showdown the most colorful, fun and crazy race against time FlatOut 2! Legendary race format change: replace sports racing comes avtoderbi race to the bottom. You will participate in a grand show balloons, fireworks, cars of all colors, gnashing of twisted metal and tons of adrenaline! Improved damage model allows cars to turn enemies into a pile of scrap metal. Violence to opponents, destroying everything that prevents you from moving toward the goal, achieve a victory on the road by any means! No compromise! Gas in the floor and just go!

Get Backup Pro 2.4.2

Get Backup Pro 2.4.2 | Mac Os X | 10.4 MB

Avira AntiVir Premium + TR Reset + Keys

Avira AntiVir Premium + TR Reset + Keys | 78 Mb

Portable Garters & Ghouls 1.2.0
Portable Garters & Ghouls 1.2.0
PC | Windows | EN | Namco Networks America Inc. | 88 Mb
Genre: Action

Command an arsenal of archaic weapons to save your beloved in Garters & Ghouls , a game where the undead never looked so good.
Young Marie Dupois just awoke from eternal slumber thanks to members of The Society, a mysterious group with an even stranger agenda. They have enlisted her to battle minions of The Thrum, a horde of monsters determined to take over. Why her? And how does someone who was a wealthy debutante in her previous life suddenly become a gun-wielding, bullet-blazing savior?
Join Marie in 40 levels of pulse-pounding shooting action battling The Thrum and searching for her own answers. Fight through an army of undead adversaries using over 30 devastating weapons and mind-blowing power-ups. Conquer Adventure mode or attack Survival mode and unlock a ton of special achievements. Will Marie find a new calling in her un-life? Will she find out what happened to her beloved Lucas? Will she make it home in time for the next masquerade ball?

GTA San Andreas (2005/Eng/Mac)

GTA San Andreas (2005/Eng/Mac) | 3.9 Gb

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods-FLT

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods-FLT joo
Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods-FLT
Release: 2008 | Language: English | PC | Developer: Trine Games | Publisher: JoWooD Entertainment AG | 3.48GB
Genre: Computer Role-Playing

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 6.01.6052 CAD Edition (2009)

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 6.01.6052 CAD Edition (2009) | RS | 1 Gb

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration - a powerful tool for viewing and converting 2D, 3D, audio and video files. The program supports more than four popular formats, and, in particular, allows you to convert 3D files from one format to another, including animation. The program can see the hierarchy of three-dimensional scenes and materials. Deep Exploration comes in two versions - Standard and CAD Edition. The second version supports more formats, as well as an expanded set of tools for working with three-dimensional scenes. There are tools for the optimization models, removal of the scenes hidden objects, association of identical materials and removal of unused and much more. In addition to its core functions, the program allows you to open files on some manipulation: to view the assembly, hide and show specific details, measurements and more.

Ferrari Virtual Race Drift Mod 2 (2010/RePack)

Ferrari Virtual Race Drift Mod 2 v.2.8.1 |PC| 3.1 GB

This is a racing simulator with a new generation of photo-realistic graphics, as close to the reality of physics, intelligent AI and so on. The game creates a very realistic sensation of driving, which, however, does not prevent us get into an absolutely fantastic situations and accidents.

MacPilot 4.3 MAC OSX
MacPilot 4.3 | Mac Os X | 12 MB

Scared of the terminal or can’t be bothered to remember those commands to customize your system the way you want? MacPilot is your digital savior. Easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, and perform numerous routine maintenance operations with the click of a button!

Small Town (Audiobook)

Small Town (Audiobook) By Lawrence Block, read by George Guidall
Unabridged edition 2003 | 15 hours and 10 minutes | ISBN: n/a , ASIN: B005J56Z3C | MP3 256 kbps | 1.7 GB

Trojan Remover 6.8.2

Trojan Remover 6.8.2 | 10.4 MB

Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always so good at effectively removing it.