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The Defiant Comics Collection
The Defiant Comics Collection
Language: English | Format: CBR | Comics Collection | All In One | 891 MB
Genre: Comic

A hard-to-find collection of all the books of the Jim Shooter company Defiant Comics

Jim is the kind of creator that should be ranked up there with the likes of Stan Lee. He started working for Marvel Comics at 11 years old...the only underage employee in their history...because he was that good.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
English | Collection Books | PDF | 3.44 GB

This is a high resolution edition of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. The torrent contains a PDF file bookmarked by year/month/day with every Calvin and Hobbes comic from its debut on 11-18-1985 through its conclusion in 12-31-1995. In addition, all individual comics are included as individual images. All images are 1600 pixels wide and in PNG format. There's also a sample PDF file that includes the introduction and the first couple months of comics for anyone who wants to take a peek without downloading the full 500MB+ PDF.

Stock Vector -  comics characters

Stock Vector - comics characters
20 ai | jpeg file | 22.1 mb

Mishap 1.0.0 (iPad)

Mishap 1.0.0 (iPad) | 329 MB

The Burtons have just moved into a beautiful new home, which just happens to be haunted. Now it’s up to you to help them deal with some particularly unfortunate ghosts as you search for objects hidden throughout over 30 beautifully illustrated rooms. Assemble ghostcatchers and challenge each ghost in a unique minigame! Unravel the mysteries of the ghosts’ unfortunate fates through in-game comics! Help the Burtons survive the paranormal and take back their home in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting.

46 Drawing Tutorials PDF - KL

46 Drawing Tutorials PDF - KL
46 Drawing Tutorials PDF
eLearning | 1.19 GB

Collection of 46 learning-books and booklet on art of the drawing. Perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Planet Hulk (2010)DVDRip

Planet Hulk (2010)DVDRip

Children ebooks Collection
Children ebooks Collection
English | Collection books | PDFCBRCBZ | 14.79 GB
'Me Me Me' Said the Baby (1990.HarperFestival) (Brainiac).cbz
(I Never Promised You an Apple chard)The Collected Writings of Snoopy(1976-c2c-getfreedregs).cbr

Superman DomsDay 2007  720p Bluray Dual BH

Superman DomsDay 2007 720p Bluray Dual BH
English | 1h 17mn | x264 1280*720 2280Kbps | AC-3 6 channels 160Kbps | 1.41 GiB
Release Date: 18 September 2007
Stars : Adam Baldwin,Anne Heche,James Marsters
Writer : Duane Capizzi,Bruce W. Timm
Genres : Animation | Action | Adventure | Drama

WhenLexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Supermanmeets his greatest challenge as a champion. Based on the The Death ofSuperman storyline that appeared in DC Comics publications in the1990s.

Dosch3D Comics Vol.1 (Reupload)

Dosch3D Comics Vol.1
3DS + C4D + LWO + OBJ + DXF + MTL | 308 MB

Smith Micro Motionartist v1.2.1
Smith Micro Motionartist v1.2.1 | 219 MB

MotionArtist makes stuff move. Not like your moms old minivan more like a golden gazelle moving across the Serengeti with a jetpack strapped to its back you get the idea.

SFX - January 2013

SFX - January 2013
English | HQ PDF | 140 pages | 121.90 Mb

Sfx Magazine is the Earth``s greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine overing all areas of sci-fi and fantasy across TV, movies, books, games, collectables and comics. Includes news, features, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, star profiles and TV episode guides.

Dirt Rag - No.166

Dirt Rag - No.166
English | PDF | 116 pages | 58Mb

DC New 52 Week 92

DC New 52 Week 92
English | CBR | Collection | 440.381 Mb

Action Comics v2 21 (2013) (c2c) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP)
Batwing 021 (2013) (digital-Empire)
Detective Comics v2 021 (2013) (Webrip) (2 covers) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP)
Dial H 013 (2013) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire)
Earth 2 13 (2013) (Digital) (Shining Knight-SCC-Novus)
Green Arrow 021 (2013) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire)
Green Lantern v5 021 (Two Covers) (2013) (Webrip) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP)
Stormwatch 021 (2013) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire)
Swamp Thing 021 (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)
The Movement 002 2013) (Digital) (Nahga-Empire)
Trinity Of Sin - The Phantom Stranger 009 (2013) (Digital) (Cypher-Empire)

AMS Software ?ollection (2010)

AMS Software ?ollection (2010)
AMS Software ?ollection (2010) | 617.32 MB

Gotham Central #1-40 Complete

Gotham Central #1-40 Complete
40 CBR's in 3 RAR's | DC Comics | Published Feb 2003 - Apr 2006 | 316.83MB Total

Gotham Central was a police procedural comic book series that was published by DC Comics from February 2003 to April 2006. It focused on the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) and the difficulties of its officers living and working in Gotham City, home of Batman. Albeit an artistic success, the series was a commercial failure. The series eventually became notorious for its outstanding reviews, dedicated fanbase and poor sales and was ended on issue #40. Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker co-wrote the first story arc together then divided the series between them with Rucka writing the GCPD day shift storylines and Brubaker doing the night shift, with artist Michael Lark for both. The vivid, in-depth characterizations was in stark contrast to the many ongoing titles of DC at the time and Gotham Central's debut yielded Eisner Award nominations in 2003 for Best New Series, Best Writer-Rucka, Best Writer-Brubaker, and Best Penciller/Inker-Lark. It ended up winning the Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story 2004 for "Half a Life" (Gotham Central #6-10) and the Harvey Award for Best Single Issue or Story 2004 for "Half a Life" (Gotham Central #6-10).

Thirteen XIII  (PC/ENG/2003)

Thirteen XIII (PC/ENG/2003)
English | Platform: PC | Release: Friday 28th November 2003 | Publisher: Ubisoft | Developed: Ubisoft | 1.57 GB
Genre: Action

XIIIis a cel-shaded first-person shooter based on the popular Belgian cultcomic created by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by William Vance. Thegame is loosely based on the first five comics. The main theme of thegame is based on Robert Ludlums book The Bourne Identity andfeatures a man who is suffering from amnesia and quite possiblyinvolved in the recent assassination of the President of the UnitedStates. You must be damn important, because everyone is trying to killyou. As you progress, you learn more about your secret agent past andyour curious name, XIII.

Atomic Robo v1-6 (Red5) Comics
English | CBR | Comics Collection | All In One | 620 MB
Genre: Comic

The series began as a six-issue limited series published by Red 5 Comics starting in October 2007. It was nominated in the "Best Limited Series" category of the 2008 Eisner Awards, won by The Umbrella Academy. Colorist Ronda Pattison was also nominated in the "Best Coloring" category subsequently won by Dave Stewart. The first six issues of the series have been collected as Atomic Robo Volume 1: Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne. Atomic Robo Volume 2: Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War was released as a trade paperback on February 18, 2009. The third series, Atomic Robo Volume 3: Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time, was released in trade on December 23, 2009, and a fourth, Atomic Robo Volume 4: Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness, has been released in issue format and will be published in trade in the summer of 2010. A fifth volume, Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science, was released in November 2010 and came to its conclusion in May 2011.In April 2012 Atomic Robo Volume 6: The Ghost of Station X became the second Atomic Robo miniseries to be nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Limited Series.

Action ! Cartooning

PDF | 80 Page | 42 MB | HF

Manga Studio Debut 3.0 - vista

Manga Studio Debut 3.0 - vista
Manga Studio Debut 3.0
English | Manga Studio Debut 3.0 TNT Village | 484.57 MB

Blade V1-3 [complete]

Blade V1-3 [complete]
CBR/RAR | English | 18 Issues | 198 mb Total

Comics and Gaming - Summer 2012

Comics and Gaming - Summer 2012
English | 83 pages | HQ PDF | 64.00 Mb

Hulk Comic Collection
English | CBR | Comics Collection | All In One | 1.07 GB
Genre: Comic

A large Hulk Comic Collection.


Release: 24-02-2011 | PS3 | Developer: People Can Fly / Epic Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 4.5Gb
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter

Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter (FPS) in which players find themselves stranded on a planet that although once an adult-oriented paradise planet, is now hell incarnate, complete with savage mutants and flesh-eating gangs. The goal is simple: survive, escape the planet and pay back the SOB who sent you there. Additional features include deep 2-4 player support, a wide variety of ways to defeat enemies both large and small, an impressive arsenal of weapons and a Marvel Comics written storyline.

Avengers  The Ultimate Guide

Avengers: The Ultimate Guide
DK | 2005-10-31 | ISBN: 0756614619 | 128 pages | PDF | 65.1 Mb
From Thor and Iron Man to Captain America and the Incredible Hulk, this exciting book tells readers everything there is to know about Earth's mightiest heroes-from their incredible origins to their superhuman powers. A must for comic fans of any age!
Ranking as the web-slinger's top-selling comic-book author, Tom DeFalco has written about the adventures of Spiderman and other super heroes for over 20 years. Tom has been a top writer and Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. He has written many titles for Marvel and DK, including Hulk: The Incredible Guide in 2003.

Larry the Cable Guy Tailgate Party (2010) Dvdrip H264

Larry the Cable Guy Tailgate Party (2010) Dvdrip H264
Language: English
01:15:44 | 624x352 | H264 - 905Kbps | 29.760fps | AC3 - 384Kbps | 701MB
Genre: Comedy