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NME  -  09 April 2011
NME - 09 April 2011

English | PDF | 69 pages | 34.9Mb

3ds max books and CD collection

3ds max books and CD collection
PDF | FLV | *.max | JPG | 1.78 GB
Genre: Elearning | Book

This is collection include Books and CD training for 3ds Max. You can easy study about 3ds Max from basic to advance. You can know how about vray model, skill design for 3d Max and more...

Ask Mariah - Barbara Freethy

Ask Mariah - Barbara Freethy
1997 | 384 pages | ISBN-10: 0380785323 | EPUB/MOBI | 356KB/593KB

Customers who like books by Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Debbie Macomber will enjoy this romantic and emotional story by award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author Barbara Freethy.

Surfer - November 2012

Surfer - November 2012
English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 98.00 Mb

NDrive Navigation Systems  2011 for  Windows Mobile

NDrive Navigation Systems 2011 for Windows Mobile | 572 MB

NDrive Navigation Systems - Navigation Program is designedfor PDAs and other portable devices based on platforms Windows Mobile,Android and Symbian. She has a lot of useful and exciting features.
This system helps you easily find interesting owner city, district,street, company or a private home. The menu is so thought out that theywere nice and very convenient to use. There are two viewing modes ofurban navigation information - 2D and 3D. The program provides voiceguidance in several languages, including Russian. After installation andinstalling the appropriate map for future use, you can add the desiredlanguage. This publication supports the version Windows Mobile, Androidand Symbian.

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem
English | Publisher: Mariner Books (November 20, 2002) | ISBN-10: 9780156027601 | MP3 256Kbps | 497.34 MB

Who's testing whom? When Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface, he is forced to confront a painful, hitherto unconscious memory embodied in the living physical likeness of a long-dead lover. Others examining the planet, Kelvin learns, are plagued with their own repressed and newly corporeal memories. Scientists speculate that the Solaris ocean may be a massive brain that creates these incarnate memories, its purpose in doing so unknown.

Dream Chronicles The Book of Air Collectors Edition Final
Release: 2010 | English | PC | 150 MB Genres: Hidden Object

Shop Smart - November 2011
Shop Smart - November 2011
English | 88 pages | HQ PDF | 65,5 Mb

ShopSmart is the lively new, guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help readers find the best products and services for home, yard, health, fitness, food, electronics, family, autos and more. Like Consumer Reports, it is independent and carries no outside advertising.

The Essential: Dane Rudhyar

The Essential: Dane Rudhyar
English | Publisher: Wikipedia | ISBN: n/a | MP3 64Kbps | 522.39 MB

Dane Rudhyar (March 23, 1895, in Paris September 13, 1985, in San Francisco), born Daniel Chennevire, was an author, modernist composer and humanistic astrologer. He was the pioneer of modern transpersonal astrology.

Audubon Video Guide To 505 Birds Of North America
Audubon Video Guide To 505 Birds Of North America
eLearning | 3.35 GB

NSTANTLYIDENTIFY 505 BIRDS ON DVD with AUDUBON VIDEOGUIDE ON TWO DVDs. Here isthe ideal application of DVD technology to a reference source. Beautifulmoving footage & stills, bird calls & sounds, annotatedvisuals, authoritative narration & range maps help users quickly& precisely locate any of 505 bird species in these two DVDs at thetouch of a button. By using your DVD player s remote control you canrepeat a segment, a shot, or any part of a bird s description as oftenas you like. You can even view footage in slow motion or freeze frame.

Handbook of Vitamins

Handbook of Vitamins
English | 608 pages | English | 2007 | ISBN: 0849340225 | PDF | 4,6 MB

Recent advances in molecular and cellular biology, analytical chemistry, and nanotechnology have dramatically improved the understanding of vitamin biomechanics and the requirements for human function. Vitamin dependant signaling cascades, alterations in gene expression due to variations in vitamin supply, and DNA stability and packaging are just a few of the new roles for vitamins that these sciences reveal. Maintaining its status as the highest quality reference in the field, the Handbook of Vitamins brings together leading experts in molecular biology, biochemistry, and physiology to incorporate these new discoveries into this updated and revised fourth edition.

OK! Philippines - October 2011

OK! Philippines - October 2011
English | 108 pages | HQ PDF | 68.50 Mb

OK! is first and foremost an insiders guide to whats happening in the Hollywood world. If a famous star has given birth, expect to see her baby in the pages of OK! If a rumored fling has been reported, look forward to seeing their pictures in the magazine. No milestone or scoop is missed when it comes to your favorite foreign celebrities. OK! remains to be your only local source into the glitzy life in Tinseltown.

NME - 24 September 2011
NME - 24 September 2011
English | PDF | 68 pages | 35 Mb

NME is a British weekly music magazine. Featuring agenda-setting news, the UK's most comprehensive gig guide, definitive reviews of the week's hottest gigs, tracks and albums, and fiery comment from the nation's most opinionated writers, it's the essential guide to the week in music.

Stata 11 SE

Stata 11 SE | 217.12 Mb

eBay Success ? collection
eBay Success ? collection
Video Training | 2.12 Gb

Dream Chronicles (4): The Book of Air Collector's Edition
Dream Chronicles (4): The Book of Air Collector's Edition (Final)
Release: 2010 | English | PC | 150 MB
Genres: Hidden Object

Mining Money Online

Mining Money Online
[32 Videos (.WMV) + 1 eBook (.PDF)]
eLearning | 734.55 MB

Rhem 4 - The Golden Fragments (2010/ENG/CD)

Again, and Zetes Keils travel around the world RHEM. The crystal was found in RHEM 3: The Secret Library, provides access to new parts of the island, where the transportation system, but to make it work, will have to work fairly, including the head. But maybe the launch of this system will provide an opportunity to find out Keils the island?

Ndrive 10 for Android (Map: EU)

Ndrive 10 for Android (Map: EU) | 2.36 GB

NDrive turns your Android phone into a powerful navigation system up to house number accuracy! After a short plug & play installation, turn-by-turn voice instructions and on-screen directions will guide you from your current position to the destination that you have entered. In addition to all this, you can navigate to any of the many points-of-interest like hotels, restaurants and petrol stations. You can even dial them directly to make for example a hotel reservation or inquiry before going there! In summary, NDrive is a must for everyone looking for an affordable, flexible and powerful navigation system!

Flare 1.0 For MAC

Flare 1.0 | Mac Os X | 40 MB

With Flare, effortlessly add effects and textures to your photos. Choose from a variety of Flares built-in Presets or create your own using dozens of individual photographic effects. Easy to learn for casual hobbyists, Flare also has the flexibility professional photographers need.

MindNode Pro 1.7.6

MindNode Pro 1.7.6 | Mac Os X | 4.5 MB

MindNode Pro are elegant and simple-to-use mindmapping applications for the Macintosh that help to visually: collect, classify and structure ideas, organize, study and solve problems. Mind maps can be used for many different tasks including to-do lists, brainstorming, holiday planning, research, writing, project management and in many different environments school, meetings, workspace.

Kevin Hogan - Body language
Kevin Hogan - Body language
English | AVI / DivX @758 kbps | 352x240 | 1 hrs 23 mins | MP3 @128 kbps (2 ch) | 534 Mb
Genre: NLP

Ajax Starter Kit

Phil Ballard, "Ajax Starter Kit"
Sa-s | 2007 | ISBN: 0672329603 | 224 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB

Ajax Programmers Toolkit with all the technologies you need to set up an Ajax development and testing environment on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.
Quick Start Guide teaches you the basics of Ajax programming in 21 short, easy-to-read lessons.
Tutorial Reference Library with more than 1,000 pages of how-tos on Ajax, javascript, HTML, XML, and PHP in searchable PDF format.
Plug-n-play source code and popular Ajax framework libraries to help you reduce tedious typing and shorten
programming tasks.

Pinnacle TVCenter
Pinnacle TVCenter | 587 MB
TVCenter 6 is a completely new version of our software to watch TV on your PC. TVCenter is now even faster to use and requires less valuable system resources of your PC. TVCenter 6 can therefore be easily operated on so-called netbooks with simpler processor and memory capacity , unless it is HDTV programs .

Maxim - October 2011 (India)
Maxim - October 2011 (India)
English | PDF | 158 pages | 55.2 Mb

Maxim Indian Edition of the World?s leading mens lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy?s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fund doing so!