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Search Mathematical olympiad handbook

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Organoselenium Chemistry

Organoselenium Chemistry
ISBN: 3527329447 | 2012 | PDF | 462 pages | 3,9 MB

Selenium-based methods in synthetic chemistry have developed rapidly over the past years and are now offering highly useful tools for organic synthesis. Filling the gap for a comprehensive handbook and ready reference, this book covers all modern developments within the field, including biochemical aspects.

Wolfram Mathematica 8.0.1

Wolfram Mathematica 8.0.1 for Windows | 834 MB

Mathematica - a computer algebra system of Wolfram Research. Contains many functions for analytic transformation and for numerical calculations. Mathematica has a high speed and virtually unlimited computational accuracy, which allows her to work as a very powerful computers, and not very powerful personal computers.

In addition, the program supports graphics and sound, including the construction of two-and three-dimensional graphics functions to draw arbitrary shapes, import and export of images and sound.

Precalculus - Graphs & Models

Precalculus - Graphs & Models
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0073519537 | 1464 pages | PDF | 137 MB

Chemistry Ebooks collection

Chemistry Ebooks collection
English | PDF | Ebooks Collection | All In One | 558 MB

This is just a general chemistry ebook pack I've had kicking around my computer for a while and decided i'd upload. Hope you enjoy.

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (2007/MULTI2/RePack by death7lord)  release on 21/07/2011

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (2007/MULTI2/RePack by death7lord) release on 21/07/2011
Release Date: 25.07.2007 | PC | Eng, Rus | Developer: Artificial Studios | Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive | 659 MB
Genre: Action / Arcade

ThisFriday evening was rich in incident. It all started with that frailbespectacled Zach decided ohmurit school beauty queen Jennifer. Bimboand blonde, she was not a mathematical turn of mind, and thereforeagreed to take some lessons from a famous botanist of the algebra. Butjust to open Zach produced their feelings, as the doorbell rang.

Facts for Life - Fourth Edition

Facts for Life - Fourth Edition
English | Publisher: United Nations Children's Fund | ISBN 10: 9280644661 | English | PDF | 215 Pages | 3.5MB

In 2009, around 9 million children died from preventable and treatable illnesses, such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, measles and AIDS, before reaching their fifth birthday. Even more children live in precarious situations facing diminished lives and futures, the recently released handbook Facts for Life warns.

Video Demystified, 3rd Edition
Video Demystified, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 1878707566 | 812 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Master video system design with the NEW THIRD EDITION of this essential reference! This book is the "bible" for digital video hardware engineers and programmers worldwide, as it contains detailed video information difficult to find elsewhere. The third edition has been completely updated with new chapters on analog and digital video interfaces, H.261 and H.263, consumer DV, and DTV. This is by far the most informative analog and digital video reference available. If you work with video, you need this reference on your shelf!

Hacking Ebooks Collection

Hacking Ebooks Collection
English | 2011 | PDF | 116 Books | 1.2GB

COMSOL Multiphysics (Femlab)

COMSOL Multiphysics (Femlab) | RapidShare | Size: 4.06 GB

The program for the finite-element analysis of complicated scientific and technical problems. The solution of any problem is based on the numerical solution of partial differential equations finite element method. The spectrum of tasks that lend themselves modeliroaniyu in the program is extremely broad. From the classic problems of heat conduction, diffusion and wave propagation to the nonlinear equations of Korteweg de Vries and Burgers.

MathType 6.7 Portable

MathType 6.7 Portable | 6.7 Mb

The Accessibility Handbook

The Accessibility Handbook
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1449322859 | PDF/Epub | 100 pages | 10/4 MB

Mathworks Matlab R2010a ISO

Mathworks Matlab R2010a ISO
Mathworks Matlab R2010a ISO-TBE | 5.23 GB

Linear Algebra Demystified

Linear Algebra Demystified
Published: 2005-10-28 | ISBN: 0071465790 | PDF | 255 pages | 3.10 MB

QUICK and DEPENDABLE review of a typical LINEAR ALGEBRA course

sendmail, 4th Edition

sendmail, 4th Edition
O'Reilly Media, Inc. | 2007-10-26 | ISBN:0596510292 | PDF | 1308 pages | 8 Mb

Acta Numerica 1992

Acta Numerica 1992
Published: 1992-04-24 | ISBN: 0521410266 | PDF | 320 pages | 21.63 MB

The rapid development of numerical analysis as a subject in its own right, as well as its increasing applicability to mathematical modeling in sciences and engineering, have led to a plethora of journals in its various subdisciplines, ranging from Computational Fluid Dynamics to Linear Algebra. These journals obviously represent the frontiers of research in their area. However, each specialization of numerical analysis is intricately linked and a broad knowledge of the subject is necessary for the solution of any "real" problem. Such an overview cannot be successfully achieved through either a single volume or a journal since the subject is constantly evolving and researchers need to be kept continuously informed of recent developments in a wide range of topics. Acta Numerica is an annual publication containing invited survey papers by leading researchers in a number of areas of applied mathematics. The papers included present overviews of recent developments in their area and provide "state of the art" techniques and analysis. Volume 1 aptly represents the flavor of the series and includes papers on such diverse topics as wavelets, optimization, and dynamical systems.

VisuMotion Z.l.i.c.e.3D v3.0.7

VisuMotion Z.l.i.c.e.3D v3.0.7
79.5 MB
Foxy Chess Video Collection
English | 117 avi | XviD 200 Kbps, 320x240, 29.97 fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 22.42 GB
Genre: eLearning

DataGraph 3.0 | Mac Os X | 17.4 MB

DataGraph is a powerful and easy to use graphing and charting application. DataGraph minimizes the fuss and frustration associated with creating clean and accurate publication quality graphs and charts. DataGraph also includes powerful function fitting and statistical analysis capabilities, which enables high quality analysis of the data. Import data from files, paste in numbers from a spreadsheet, and enter them in manually. Export graphics to files, or copy and paste into presentations. It is a great companion program for spreadsheets.

Knots and Physics

Knots and Physics
by Louis H. Kauffman
2001 | ISBN: 9810241119, 9810241127 | 770 pages | PDF | 20 MB

HTML5 and JavaScript Projects

HTML5 and javascript Projects
Publisher: Apr..ess 2011 | 448 Pages | ISBN: 1430240326 | EPUB + PDF | 16 MB + 30 MB

Maplesoft Maple 13

Maplesoft Maple 13 | 270 MB

Robotics and Mechatronics

Robotics and Mechatronics
English | .PDF | 1.14 GB

Maplesoft Maple 16.01 MacOSX
Maplesoft Maple 16.01 MacOSX | 3.08 GB

The Canadian company Maplesoft introduced the next version of its flagship technical computing package Maple 16. One of the most notable differences between the new version has the highest rate of solutions of differential equations. Equally significant improvements made, and all other mathematical functions, including basic operations and sophisticated data processing algorithms. In addition, the package includes more than 100 brand-new types of mathematical functions and graphs.

Biochemistry by Reginald H. Garrett (Author), Charles M. Grisham (Author)
Thomson Brooks/Cole; | 2008 | ISBN: 0495109355 | 1184 pages | PDF | 46 MB

This book provides any knowledge neccesary for students of careers related to this field. It includes critical advances in this science-what makes it a proper handbook for the researcher- and special topics focusing on every day's little misteries that have a biochemical answer. It explains everything so well that I think it's going to become a unputdownable one for biology and chemistry students.

Making Master Guitars Free
Making Master Guitars
336 pages | Sep 22 2010 |ISBN: 0709048092 | PDF | 5.5 Mb

Making Master Guitars is a craftsman's handbook about the exciting and challenging pursuit of making classical guitars—a craft that the author reveals to be surprisingly accessible by following his instructions. The book is unique in that it includes nine separate detailed plans of instruments constructed by internationally famous guitar-makers. The author has had the rare opportunity of examining these instruments in detail, and has made many replicas of each one. It is presented in three parts: "The Master Makers and Their Guitars," "Workshop, Tools, and Materials," and "Guitar Construction—The Spanish Method."