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Geometry Expressions 3.0
Geometry Expressions 3.0 | 20.62 MB
Geometry Expressions is a revolutionary modeling tool which generates mathematics directly from your drawing.
For Engineering
- Create conceptual designs and generate explicit mathematics

Alien Scientist -QN

Alien Scientist  -QN
Alien Scientist
English | MP4 | 480x360 | AVC - 430 Kbps | AAC - 117 Kbps | 1.3GB
Genre: Training

Real Life Elementary (Audio CD)

Real Life Elementary (Audio CD)
English | 2010 | MP3 | 240 MB

Advanced Data Converters

Advanced Data Converters
2012 | ISBN-10: 1107005574 | 250 pages | PDF | 3,3 MB

The Teaching Company - Great Scientific Ideas that Changed the World

The Teaching Company - Great Scientific Ideas that Changed the World | 2.63 GB
English | MP4 H.264 320×240 | 128 kbps | 36 lectures | 30 mins each
Genre: eLearning

In Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World, you will explore ideas thatwhen society has been willing to pursue themhave helped form the foundation of modern life. Youll interpret the term scientific idea broadly, so as to include ideas that made science possible at all, as well as ideas that make science immensely powerful. You will discover there is no sharp distinction between ideas that are classified as scientific and those that are classified as philosophical or mathematical, or even between scientific ideas and political, religious, or aesthetic ideas. Alfred North Whitehead, for example, famously linked the emergence of modern science in the Christian West to the belief in a single, law-observing Creator of the universe.

A Failure of Civility

A Failure of Civility by Mike Garand, Jack Lawson
ISBN: 0615670105 | 2012 | EPUB/MOBI | 394 pages | 7 MB/8 MB

Consider reading this book as if the Authors have parachuted into your backyard as Special Operations Soldiers to assist you in forming a cooperative protection of your neighborhood. That``s one of the things we were good at as ``Special Ops`` soldiers... being covertly inserted into isolated areas to train people how to defend themselves against inequitable justice and malicious aggression.

The Action Hero's Handbook

The Action Hero``s Handbook: How to Catch a Great White Shark, Perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Track a Fugitive, and Dozens of Other TV and Movie Skills by David Borgenicht, Joe Borgenicht
ISBN: 193168605X | 2002 | EPUB | 192 pages | 10 MB

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Up with the Indiana Joneses
For everyone whos ever wanted to be as smooth as James Bond, as clever as Captain Kirk, or as tough as Charlies Angels, The Action Heros Handbook is the ultimate guide to the essential skills every action hero needs to survive and thrive in this dangerous but exciting world.

Formal Grammar - FG 2009

Formal Grammar - FG 2009 by Philippe de Groote, Markus Egg, Laura Kallmeyer
**ringer | 2011 | ISBN: 3642201687 | 224 pages | PDF | 3 MB

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Formal Grammar 2009, held in Bordeaux, France, in July 2009.
The 13 revised full papers presented, including two invited talks, were carefully reviewed and selected from 26 submissions. These articles in this book give an overview of new and original research on formal grammar, mathematical linguistics and the application of formal and mathematical methods to the study of natural language.

Miktex 2.8 + Portable + Tools + Education (30.08.2010).

Miktex 2.8 + Portable + Tools + Education (30.08.2010) | 1.89 GB

MiKTeX - is a publishing system, focused on a set of mathematical formulas. It has a huge number of possibilities, including packages for creating graphics, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

RedCrab 3.20 Portable

RedCrab is a scientific calculator with a full screen formula editor. The mathematical expressions are not typed in a typical command line, but can be enter in an editor window similar to a piece of paper. The calculator display the result either under or next to the expression. The handling is easier than conventional calculator. The calculator's editor supports the entry of complex algebraic equations like fractions, square roots, exponents, etc. for technical and scientific applications.

Handbook Of Trust Research

Handbook Of Trust Research
2008-03-31 | 422 Pages | ISBN: 1847207960 | PDF | 5 MB

NFS Underground (Portable)

NFS Underground (Portable)
PC Game | 243 mb
Genre: Racing | Publisher: Electronic Arts |Developer: Black Box | Release :2003

Electronic Arts Need For Speed series takes a note from the Fast and Furious handbook with its latest release entitled Need For Speed Underground. Purchase, race, and customize 20 different licensed cars from major manufacturers such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, and more. Race other customized cars through a detailed nighttime cityscape, dodging city traffic and navigating shortcuts all the while. Customize vehicle performance as well as your cars physical appearance, changing rims, stickers, paintjob, spoilers and more. Multiple racing modes range from drift competitions, street racing, and drag racing. Breathtaking graphics showcase the power of next generation systems, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC.

Vertex Algebras for Beginners

Vertex Algebras for Beginners
Amer Mathematical Society | June 1997 | ISBN-10: 0821806432 | 141 pages | DJVU | 1.4 Mb

LibreOffice 3.3.1 Portable

LibreOffice 3.3.1 Portable

LibreOffice 3.3.1 Portable
LibreOffice 3.3.1 Portable | 80 MB

Facts for Life - Fourth Edition

Facts for Life - Fourth Edition
English | Publisher: United Nations Children's Fund | ISBN 10: 9280644661 | English | PDF | 215 Pages | 3.5MB

In 2009, around 9 million children died from preventable and treatable illnesses, such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, measles and AIDS, before reaching their fifth birthday. Even more children live in precarious situations facing diminished lives and futures, the recently released handbook Facts for Life warns.

CAE System ADEM V.8.3

CAE System ADEM v.8.3 | 466 MB

ADEM software industry and education. Domestic integrated CAD / CAM / CAPP ADEM system designed to automate the design and technological preparation of production. This is a single software package, which includes tools for automation.

Photomizer v1.3.0.1239 Portable
Photomizer v1.3.0.1239 Portable | 12.1Mb

Rotating or cutting images, removing red eyes now and then - this was yesterday. Image editing of the next generation goes further and addresses directly the weak points of digital photographs, to which even the most expensive cameras are not immune.

Resume Writing Handbook
Resume Writing Handbook
English | 2009 | 220 Pages | PDF | 6.5 MB
This book although in only 27 pages is briefly and crisply explained everything how to write good resumes. Including Tips and Techniques Styles & Fmats Action Verbs ''Scanable Resumes'' 10 Sample Resumes Career Ptfolio

Hype Hair - July/August 2010

Hype Hair - July/August 2010
English | 196 pages | PDF | 44.20 Mb

Hype Hair is the style handbook for today's black woman. Up-to-date innovative hairstyles plus interviews, contests & funky fresh hair styles.

O'Reilly 760 Book Collection

O'Reilly 760 Book Collection
English | PDF & CHM | 3.81 GB

O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly & Associates) is an American media company established by Tim O'Reilly that publishes books and web sites and produces conferences on computer technology topics.

Investments, 8th Edition

Investments, 8th Edition
English | 2008-09-30 | ISBN: 007126325X | 1062 pages | PDF | 229 mb

[center]MatheAss 8.20 Multilingual

MatheAss 8.20 Multilingual

MatheAss 8.20 Multilingual | 3.1 MB[/center]

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Chapman and Hall/CRC (7-2011) | PDF | 407 pages | 1439856613 | 10.9Mb

Computational Fluid Dynamics /by Frederic Magoules. Exploring new variations of classical methods as well as recent approaches appearing in the field, Computational Fluid Dynamics demonstrates the extensive use of numerical techniques and mathematical models in fluid mechanics.

Living With Renewable Energy
Living With Renewable Energy
English | 512x340 | H264 | 29.97fps 602kbps | AAC 79kbps | 408MB

Mathematical Analysis

Mathematical Analysis
English | ISBN: 0521214807, 0521291674 | 1977 | 270 pages | Djvu | 5,6 MB