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Flexisign 8.6v2.

Flexisign 8.6v2 | 544.19 MB

Portable MicroXP 2010

Portable MicroXP 2010

This has to be one of the smallest Windows XP installations out there.Whats more - you can use 99% of the programs you always use and up to now there is not one single report of any game not working in MicroXP.

MultiBoot DVD X6 16.0 ENG/2011
MultiBoot DVD X6 16.0 ENG/2011 | 4.17 GB

Sabayon Linux 6 (i386/amd64)!

[center]Sabayon Linux 6 (i386/amd64)[/center]

Sabayon Linux 6 - combines the convenience for the end user with the flexibility of Gentoo. Distribution is available in assemblies with GNOME 2.32.2 and KDE 4.6.4.
Sabayon Linux is designed as a Live-distribution, provided with the possibility of easy installation on your hard drive. The set comes complete with full set of multimedia codecs and restricted drivers for video cards, wireless adapters and software modems.

AdnX xScan 3.2.9 | MACOSX | 19.6 MB

The most essential utility to scan your Mac. xScan has been specifically designed to help you monitor the behavior and health of your Mac in a simple and straightforward manner. This is done in real time. No more needing to go ‘beneath the hood' to find out all those technical details that could be affecting your system. We've done all the work for you!

Chakra GNULinux 2011.04-r2

Chakra GNULinux 2011.04-r2 | 1.34 GB

The development team presented the Chakra GNU / Linux 2011.04. Distribution is based on Arch Linux.

Duplicate File Detective 4.0.45
Duplicate File Detective 4.0.45 | 9 MB

Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where the duplicate files are. You can scan multiple file systems - folders, drivers, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass. Then use the powerful Duplicate Result Manager to move, zip, or delete duplicate files safely, all with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system.

Rig'n'Roll English Version-FL
Rig'n'Roll English Version-FL | 3.51 GB

Players will step into the shoes of a young man in the year 2024 as he arrives in California to pursue his dreams of road domination and seize the Californian cargo transportation market. There are miles of highways to conquer and cities and towns to reach as he becomes the greatest trucker on the highways. Rig'n'Roll is a sequel to the famous Hard Truck series. This time the game world is true-to-life. Gamers can race high-powered Semis along thousands of miles of real Californian roads, visiting San-Francisco to San Diego, San Jose to Los Angeles.

WinBorg XP June 2010 Rev 2 DVD

WinBorg XP June 2010 Rev 2 DVD | 4,51 Gb | 1 click installe | Silent

In short words : it is all you need of software all times specially after format
no crack - no serial needed - no efford! ; Just select programs that you want and prees (start) then all programs will be installed fully automaticly !

Mixman StudioXPro v5.0.98.0

Mixman StudioXPro v5.0.98.0 | 100MB

Mixman StudioXPro enables you to create professional quality music on your PC. Take your musical ideas from concept to completion with this integrated suite of remixing tools. The patented Mixman remix engine allows you to combine individual sound elements and perform them in real-time. Audio experimentation is fast and fun regardless of musical style. Includes 5 powerful "Studios" that give you control over every aspect of your music: Remixing Studio, Recording Studio, FX Studio, Editing Studio, and the new Track Maker that lets you build your own tracks. It's time to take your music to the next level.

Creating Powerful Brands

Creating Powerful Brands
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann | 2003 | ISBN: 0750659807 | Pages: 496 | PDF | 7,51 MB

This is the third edition of one of world's most respected and successful books on branding. Written by an internationally acclaimed branding expert and author of From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation, it has been comprehensively revised and updated with a raft of new cases and examples.

VirtualBox 3.2.10 r66523 Final
VirtualBox 3.2.10 r66523 Final | 248 MB

System virtualization to run and work on the same computer multiple virtual operating systems, similar to VMware Workstation and MS Virtual PC. Supports dynamic translation - to most of the instructions guest OS is on real hardware. As the host systems are supported 32 - and 64-bit versions of Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, as well as guest can serve Windows, GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris and other operating systems. Pros: compact, proper support for VMware, high performance. Designed to create a virtual machine with the parameters of the real iron (your) computer, which can run any operating system. It is a handy feature, for example, for testing.

WPI  BARS  v.1.1

WPI BARS v.1.1 | 6.88 GB

We offer a professional version of WPI BARS 1.1. A huge collection of software for all occasions. The release includes the best and most popular program for early 2011. This CD is useful for both professionals and ordinary users. You need only mention the program you want to install and the installation and registration will take place in fully automatic mode.

German Truck Simulator-TiNYiSO
German Truck Simulator-TiNYiSO
Publisher: Excalibur Publishing Limited | Developer: SCS Software | 2010-06-01 | Size: 417MB
Genre: Driving

RegistryBooster 2011 v6.0.7.2

RegistryBooster 2011 v6.0.7.2

Shrek 2 | PC game BY Soft2050
Shrek 2 | PC game

Shrek 2 for the PC is strictly for kids, though considering its clunky controls and short running time, it's not even a terribly good game for them.
Since the ushering in of the current generation of consoles, multiplatform ports have become extremely commonplace. Though the level of visual quality may fluctuate, you can pretty much expect the same thing from the PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube versions of most multiplatform releases. This makes it a bit surprising that Activision, when making its games based on Shrek 2, chose to create a unique title for the PC. Granted, the Luxoflux-produced console version of Shrek 2 was a little short and a little simple, but the PC version undercuts that title with poor visuals, rougher, shallower gameplay, and an outrageously short running time.
Shrek 2 may be bad, but fortunately, it's also pretty short.

In keeping with the Take that, Brothers Grimm! tone of the Shrek movies, the game kicks off with the opening of a leather-bound storybook and an appropriately gentle English narration. This quaint scene is quickly bulldozed by Shrek's wiseacre sidekick, Donkey, who provides us with some fast and dirty exposition concerning the newlywed ogre couple of Shrek and Fiona heading off to Far Far Away to meet Fiona's royal parents. The game goes on to loosely follow the story of the movie, with Shrek, Donkey, and Puss In Boots trying to rescue Fiona from the grasp of the king, the queen, and the fairy godmother. One of the few edges the PC version of Shrek 2 has over its console counterparts is slightly sharper writing. The Shrek films are still funnier, to be sure, but the PC game has a decent ratio of good jokes to bad jokes, with plenty of knowing winks to silly video game practices, as well as a lot of the standard storybook stuff. The problem with irony, though, is that making fun of trite, repetitive gameplay conventions doesn't make them any less trite or repetitive.

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 3.8.3

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 3.8.3 | 5.23 Mb

DatAdmin is a database administration tool that allows working with MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MS Access databases. Its design is primarily focused on easy usage and thanks to the modularity and flexibility of the tool, it can be from functionality standpoint
compared to single-database focused programs.

Speccy 1.06.191 Portable

Speccy will give you detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer. Including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, Audio support. Additionally Speccy adds the temperatures of your different components, so you can easily see if there's a problem! At first glance, Speccy may seem like an application for system administrators and power users. It certainly is, but Speccy can also help normal users, in everyday computing life.

Micro XP  Pro  V0.95

Micro XP Pro V0.95 | 211.57 MB

This release is inspired by MicroXP but is otherwise it's own copy. Pre-Activated, and updated July 2011. Includes default XP drivers for Display/Ethernet/Sound/SCSI/RAID It has all keyboard layout choices kept. All significant speed enhancement are built-in except swap file. All applications guaranteed to work. This copy functions in every way like retail except for speed ram usage

DriverX 2 Beta (02.06.2012)
DriverX 2 Beta (02.06.2012) | 4.35 GB

The program to install drivers DriverX analog DriverpackSolution. Features and advantages of the program, to install and update drivers. Multi-platform: works on all versions of todays Windows. Do not depend on the version of JAVA script and set dotnetov or lack thereof. Completely stand-alone program, neither of which does not add in or register for their work. Very fast download speeds (in comparison with those)

USB Drive by 5ender 04.04.2011

USB Drive by 5ender 04.04.2011 | 2,25 Gb

Thenew boot stick from 5ender. Quote from the author: I want to sharewith you my personal bootable flash drive, which saved me time andagain. Spread the request of a friend, but would be happy if she will behelpful. Flash Drive differs from analogue that is loaded withoutproblems on most computers, allows use normal usb flash drive or harddrives formatted in ntfs or fat32. With her, I do not use the dvd driveis already the third year.

Paris-Dakar Rally.

Genre: Rally /Offroad Racing
Developer: Broadsword
Language: English
Platform : PC
Size: 273 MB

Paris-Dakar Rally will take the players to the heart of the challenge. Stunning and visually rich environments will be matched with realistic physics and tense gameplay as the game journeys across North Africa to Egypt through jungle, savannah and sand dunes.

iDeneb v1.6.1058 Lite Edition

iDeneb v1.6.1058 Lite Edition | 2,97 Gb

Runtime Captain Nemo Pro 5.10 | 2.9 Mb

This file system mounter enables you to access any Novell, NT or Linux drive or image from your Windows computer without requiring a network setup.

Runtu 3 Desktop and Driver and Bend + Installation Guide

Runtu 3 Desktop and Driver and Bend + Installation Guide | 1.82 GB
Home :

This package contains the OS itself + driver + installation guide + a lot of different programs under this version of Linux